Spice of Life

Herb gardening for dry climates. February 2017.


Garlic bed overrun by poppies and love-in-a-mist

Tired of bland food? Unwilling to pay $6.00 for a tiny jar of oregano? Want to start a garden at home? Then please read on!

Dry-climate herb gardening is a practical way to reconnect yourself to the natural world, to grow, harvest and enjoy produce from your garden all year long, and to revitalize your interest in cooking simple but tasty meals. You will learn about plants, tools and techniques that you can use in your own garden.


Chesnok red garlic, just picked.

Tailored to the specific challenges and benefits of gardening in the dry climate of southwest Idaho, herb gardening is suitable for all ages and abilities, and gardens of many shapes and sizes, large or small, simple or fancy. Topics include plant color, scent, form, and growth requirements in garden design; basics of efficient watering and soil-building; pollinators and other beneficial insects; pollinator gardens, scent gardens, and of course, herbs: growing your own, drying herbs, and cooking with them.

A hands-on course will be offered in late April/ early May 2017.

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